God Bless the Inept Right

God bless inept right-wingers.

I’d be more worried if they were smart (like Nixon was). Newt thinks he’s smart and has a few media’oids convinced, He really just good at slapping other people with wet towels. He’s suddenly an expert on what he calls “traditional marriage.” Maybe he’s an expert: he’s been in enough of them.

At one debate between Republican candidates, he said the government has the duty to protect the Sacrament of Marriage. He used the term Sacrament twice, to show how much he was in support of this aspect of marriage. Once could have been a mistake. Twice is a pattern.

The government has no business supporting or preventing any kind of Sacrament. That’s a church term, and traditional liturgical Christian churches have several: Eucharist, Absolution, Holy Orders, Unction, Baptism, Confirmation and Matrimony.

The minute the government gets into the Sacrament business — as Newt wants — it is violating the US Constitution. The government supporting one church’s sacraments over another is illegal in the United States, but that’s what this self-styled historian wants to do.

The Constitution was written to protect Deist citizens — like Thomas Jefferson — from Crusaders like Newt Gingrich. He considers himself to be as much an expert on religion as he is on marriage. In his defense, he has the same creds on that subject. He’s had as many church memberships as he has marriages. He was born into a Lutheran family but converted to Southern Baptist at some later point. He’s currently a member of the Roman Catholic church.

All those marriages must have made joining the Romans an interesting discussion. Does the Roman church just disallow divorce if you don’t have… on, who the hell knows (or cares)–.

I wish Newt the best of luck in the primary. It will make the POTUS season really fun to watch.