Once upon a time, Roman Catholics were polite

Cardinal Richard Cushing (1895-1970)Back in the ancient past (the 1950s), Roman Catholics in the USA had manners and common decency.

It was that idyllic period between the Spanish Inquisition and Pope Benedict.

I as a Catholic have absolutely no right in my thinking to foist through legislation or through other means, my doctrine of my church upon others. It is important to note that Catholics do not need the support of the civil law to be faithful to their religious convictions.

That quote comes from Richard Cushing (1895-1970), the Roman Catholic Cardinal of Boston, Massachusetts. He is the cleric who officiated at the marriage of John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier (1953).

Compare that to the vitriol we’re getting from the current leaders of the pope’s flock in New York City and Baltimore. They’re so filled with hatred and judgements that there’s little wonder the pews are more and more empty. It’s a situation that is shameful and unnecessary.

Oh for the good old days.


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