Meet the Author” [Facebook scratch-and-sniff]

Meet Wynn WagnerFirst comes the rat­tle of that big key against the metal door, and that’s fol­lowed by the groan­ing rust-on-rust squeak of the big hinges.

One of two things always hap­pens. They’re either throw­ing in a metal plate of slop or reach­ing in to grab my lat­est manuscript.

Only this time it’s dif­fer­ent. Dream­spin­ner Press is pip­ing in the Inter­net on MARCH 3 for a “Meet the Author” thingy at 1PM6PM (prob­a­bly East­ern US time­zone). It all hap­pens on Face­book.

I have 13 books in print, but I’m a vir­gin at this kind of… wait… I have to inter­act with carbon-based life forms? OMG. Inter­net… words… I have noth­ing to wear. Noth­ing, I tell you. I have to pol­ish all my innu­en­dos between now and then, and my best par­tici­ples still have a stain from that… (never mind that, now).…

The tim­ing is great: Sat­ur­day is also the day my next book is pub­lished: FANGS OVER AMERICA.

Uncanny tim­ing, eh? So if you have a few min­utes on Sat­ur­day after­noon, I’d be hon­ored if you could stop by to say Hello.


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