Debates are Gotcha Ops [Perry]

Gov J Richard PerryI got a crick in my neck today, shaking my head at another one of Gov. Rick Perry’s announcements. He might skip some of the upcoming debates between Republican presidential candidates. He what?

These debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates…. All they’re interested in is stirring it up between the candidates.
– Los Angeles Times

Well, yeah. Of course the country likes a good brouhaha between candidates. It gives us a way to see which ones have the wattage to handle, say, Iran and Red China.

Imagine J. Richard Perry in the White House, and the phone rings. It’s the North Koreans, and they want to have a few minutes with the prez. What’s Perry going to do? The communist Koreans are not our friends. They want to beat us up every chance they get. Should we put somebody so close to the nuclear launch codes who’s afraid of debating other members of his own political party?

Being president is a tough gig. Getting elected is almost as tough. IT’S CALLED THE VETTING PROCESS, GOVERNOR. You may have gotten a free ride in Texas over the past few years. That’s because you can’t go drop nuclear bombs on California, regardless of how appealing that might be to you. To be president, you have to have both courage and wisdom. Texas has proven over and over that those are qualities not required in being governor.

America likes to kick the tires on potential presidents. Governor, if you don’t want your shins bruised, don’t run for the Big One.

The sad part is that Gov. Rick Perry is the only governor Texas has right now. I wish he weren’t governor. I really really hope the GOP won’t be stupid enough to think Perry has the gonads to be president.

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