GOProud vs The Gays

Being gay and conservative seems weird to me. Andrew Sullivan is gay and conservative, and he seems likable and reasonable. I don’t understand his political preferences, but I think his views are honest.

Then came GOProud, the rightwing gay group. They endorsed Mitt Romney.

Romney has done so much pandering to the extreme right (tea party) in the Republican Party that he’s emerged as one of the most anti-LGBT candidates ever. He’s no Rick Santorum in his hatred of The Gays, but Romney is definitely anti gay. He wants us to go away and sit at the back of the bus. If my husband is in the hospital, Romney doesn’t want me to have visitation rights. In fact, he wants to take our marriage license/certificate and send it through the federal shredder.

And GOProud endorsed this caustic candidate. It’s like all the hens in the chicken coop voted to make the fox their leader.

But it gets worse. There are seven people on the GOProud board of directors. Only seven people voted on this endorsement. Three of them aren’t even gay.

  • three non-LGBT board members voted for the endorsement
  • two LGBT board members voted for the endorsement

The other two LGBT board members voted No.

GOProud isn’t a gay group after all.

When news broke about the endorsement, I was confused. Romney is such an awful candidate with completely caustic views that I thought it was a dismal day for LGBT politics.

Nope: it’s worse than I thought. My gay brothers and sisters on the right have abdicated. They are letting non-LEGT people sway their group. They’re letting straight people make endorsements that no sane gay person would ever make.


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