Open Letter to Charles Schwab

NOTE: Charles Schwab donated a quarter million dollars to one of those rightwing Super PACs. This is the letter that I sent to him about that–

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

Dear Mr. Schwab:

I’m a firm believer in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. That part of the Bill of Rights was put there to insure we can have a say on political matters, if nothing else. People elsewhere don’t always have this right, and I think it’s absolute when it comes to political expression.

That said, I am a client of the company that bears your name, and I’m concerned about a hefty contribution you made to one of the rightwing Super PACs.

I’m concerned because part of the money you’ve earned off my account has helped fund a political position that feels that I’m a substandard human being.

Those PACs fight against basic human rights for lesbian and gay Americans. Each says that I ought not have some of the privileges you enjoy every day. They say I can’t marry the man I’ve lived with for almost twenty years. When I get sick, they say that he isn’t to be allowed to visit me in the hospital. When I die, the PACs you support say he shouldn’t get anything from my estate.

The PACs you support don’t want me to teach or adopt. In fact, most of them think it’s just fine to fire an American citizen just because he or she was born gay.

One of two things is going on here. Either you agree with all those homophobic (anti-gay) positions, or you have other reasons for supporting those rightwing political special interests and their gay stances are just a minor issue.

The right’s gay stances aren’t minor to me. They want me to sit at the back of the bus and pretend I’m not gay.

I can’t do that, Mr. Schwab. God made me gay, and that’s the life I live. And you are supporting groups that scream and yell that I am somehow less deserving of all those pesky inalienable rights other US citizens take for granted.

My account of $xxxxk isn’t the largest one in your stable, but it is a lot of money to me. Even if your contribution was personal, not corporate/business, I hope you will stop anti-gay political activity with your name because it is extremely offensive to some of the people who are providing your income.

Statistics say ten percent of the population worldwide is gay. You just insulted ten percent of your clients with that contribution to the Super PAC. If you (or the corporation that bears your name) really are anti-gay, let me know, and I will move my accounts. If not, please consider all the consequences of supporting a political position that has a stated intent to squash the rights of a sizeable minority of your fellow countrymen.


s/Sven Wagner


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