Christianity and Islam: the violent underbelly of religion

The Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834)

The Inquisition

I take death threats seriously, not because there’s anything wrong with dying, but because I worry about the people around me. What is it about self-proclaimed “religious” people that gives them a license to threaten others?

Because of my gay books, both fundamentalist Christians and Muslims feel it’s their duty to tell me they want me to be dead. Because I wrote a book called Tarot for Christians, one lock-jawed loons wants to burn me at the stake in a fire fueled by copies of my Tarot book.

When the goons pop up on Facebook, they get deleted and blocked and reported. When they comment on one of my websites, they get deleted. If I see where they are, I usually get their local law enforcement in the loop. In other words, I take it as seriously as I can.

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never been assaulted or threatened by a Buddhist or Hindu or Jews. Those religions must be full of slackers or something.  😉


Dude, “Kindle Fire” is just a trade name.

It’s the Christians and Muslims who want to stir things up. The Inquisition was ever-so real. It was run by a special organization in the Vatican, the Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis (Inquiry on Heretical Perversity). The trouble is that this organization is very much alive in the Vatican. It’s morphed a couple of times and has a new name. It’s now called Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), but it is the same kind of group populated by the same kind of people. Until a few years ago, the CDF was headed by a former member of the Hitler Youth. That man had to resign as chief inquisitor to become Pope Benedict XVI.

God bless Christian haters. God bless Muslim haters.

To my friends and faithful readers, a suggestion: please stick to getting e-books instead of paperbacks. E-books don’t burn as easily.

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