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“8” (documentary)

We watched “8” last night on the documentary channel. It’s about how the MORMON church pressured its adherents into donating huge sums of money to the California state ballot that removed rights from its LGBT citizens. There was a time when gay couples could get married, but Proposition 8 changed all that.

It isn’t easy to watch. I kept thinking the IRS ought to declare the Mormon church a cult and tax the heck out of them. That kind of negative wish is out of character for me, but it’s how I feel.

The documentary dates to 2010, and it’s still hard to watch. Prop 8 has been resoundly rejected by the courts and is headed to the US Supreme Court.

Prop 8 took hundreds of LGBT couples who were legally married and stripped them of that status. It’s never happened anywhere in the US before.

The documentary shows how the Mormons secretly organized a massive amount of money to send into California. Church documents show the millions of dollars being collected from adherents. Other church documents lay out an exotic plan of deception: to make it seem like the church had nothing to do with the effort. They came up with a dollar amount for each Mormon family, and they strong-armed each head of household to donate that amount… or else.

They threatened people. They lied to the IRS so egregiously that the US government had to confront them about reporting political activity. The church amended its report on the contributions, but the numbers are far from credible.

These guys can’t be trusted, and watching “8” underscored that to me in indelible ink. They lie. They bludgeon gay kids (caught on surveillance tape),

Mormon Temple in Utah

Mormon Temple in Utah

Church muckety-mucks say gay kids would be better off dead. And the state of Utah (kind of the Mormon’s version of a Vatican) has the largest incidence of teenage suicides in the country. Most of those kids who off themselves are LGBT. They kids get harangued by their church, and the parents usually side with the church (mainly because of strong warnings of reprisals both here and in the Mormon afterlife.

What is it about this money machine that is a church?  Their choir sings pretty hymns (raking in more money of course).

They do “substantial” activity in political campaigns (money, bully pulpit, social networking), and that is something that the US’s IRS is strictly forbidden. The church knows this, so they try to conceal their work: subterfuge with a sedition chaser.

Shame on them for lying and covering up their political activity. Shem on their members for being the sedition. Triple shame on the IRS for calling these lying hate-mongers the taxable entity they really are (based on their documented and substantial actions).

I’ve never been so blatant about a so-called religion because I really believe in Live and Let Live. But this morning church is — in many ways — about the “Got hates Fags” loons.



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