The 2012 election is over. I’d be hard-pressed to come up with results I like more, if you pretend Texas doesn’t exist.

Gov. Mitt Romney gave a gracious concession speech. If he had talked like a statesman during the election, he might have been elected. Some of his more virulent supporters are (naturally) foaming with talk of revolution and impeachment.

I’m not a pundit or anybody special. I just have a set of sensitive feelings and expertly honed viewpoints.

Two points and then I’ll shut up about politics for awhile (that’s a lie, of course, because I never shut up about politics).

  • I was having a fairly calm conversation with a guy who probably voted a straight Republican ticket. I didn’t ask; he didn’t tell. I waxed a bit about one of my heroes, former Senator George McGovern. He died a few days before the election, and he would have been so happy about the results of the 2012 vote. Back in 1972, I worked my butt off for that man as he tried to keep Richard Nixon from being a two-term president. McGovern lost. Nixon kept himself from serving two complete terms because he was a crook and had to resign in disgrace. The point is that the guy I was chatting with said something shocking about George McGovern: “Who?” Oy.
  • The other point I want to make has to do with voter suppression and rigged voting machines. Republicans supposedly tried to keep minority voting to a minimum. When they “allowed” voting, it was allegedly on rigged electronic voting machines. If all that’s true, they need to get a new batch of hooligans and programmers. Their rigged voting machines didn’t rig the vote.


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