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Fangs over America — March 3

Posted: Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Fangs over America by Wynn Wagner
My next book — Fangs over Amer­ica — will be pub­lished on Sat­ur­day, March 3, 2012.

It’s a para­nor­mal romance that’s M/M.

This is what it says on the back cover:

Mårten Lars­son is one of the rich­est blood­suck­ers ever, but his unlife isn’t exactly a flight in the park. There are some things money can’t buy—like an instruc­tion man­ual on what to do when the vam­pire queen quits and leaves you in charge of Europe. Sud­denly Mårten has to jug­gle pol­i­tics, his royal wardrobe, and this new­fan­gled thing called “e-​​mail.” And his Ger­man still sucks.

But hey, Mårten can han­dle it. After all, he (sort of) sur­vived World War I, being mar­ried to two vora­ciously horny vam­pires (at the same time), and life as a sniper tak­ing out the most dan­ger­ous vamps in his­tory. A lit­tle respon­si­bil­ity should be no prob­lem… right?

You can find an excerpt — FREE SAMPLE – on my book website.

By the way, the kitty on the cover is named Snarkly. Yes, he’s a char­ac­ter in the book. And yes, it’s a vam­pire kitty.

Meet the Author” [Facebook scratch-and-sniff]

Posted: Monday, February 27th, 2012

Meet Wynn WagnerFirst comes the rat­tle of that big key against the metal door, and that’s fol­lowed by the groan­ing rust-on-rust squeak of the big hinges.

One of two things always hap­pens. They’re either throw­ing in a metal plate of slop or reach­ing in to grab my lat­est manuscript.

Only this time it’s dif­fer­ent. Dream­spin­ner Press is pip­ing in the Inter­net on MARCH 3 for a “Meet the Author” thingy at 1PM6PM (prob­a­bly East­ern US time­zone). It all hap­pens on Face­book.

I have 13 books in print, but I’m a vir­gin at this kind of… wait… I have to inter­act with carbon-based life forms? OMG. Inter­net… words… I have noth­ing to wear. Noth­ing, I tell you. I have to pol­ish all my innu­en­dos between now and then, and my best par­tici­ples still have a stain from that… (never mind that, now).…

The tim­ing is great: Sat­ur­day is also the day my next book is pub­lished: FANGS OVER AMERICA.

Uncanny tim­ing, eh? So if you have a few min­utes on Sat­ur­day after­noon, I’d be hon­ored if you could stop by to say Hello.


Once upon a time, Roman Catholics were polite

Posted: Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Cardinal Richard Cushing (1895-1970)Back in the ancient past (the 1950s), Roman Catholics in the USA had man­ners and com­mon decency.

It was that idyl­lic period between the Span­ish Inqui­si­tion and Pope Benedict.

I as a Catholic have absolutely no right in my think­ing to foist through leg­is­la­tion or through other means, my doc­trine of my church upon oth­ers. It is impor­tant to note that Catholics do not need the sup­port of the civil law to be faith­ful to their reli­gious convictions.

That quote comes from Richard Cush­ing (1895–1970), the Roman Catholic Car­di­nal of Boston, Mass­a­chu­setts. He is the cleric who offi­ci­ated at the mar­riage of John F Kennedy and Jacque­line Bou­vier (1953).

Com­pare that to the vit­riol we’re get­ting from the cur­rent lead­ers of the pope’s flock in New York City and Bal­ti­more. They’re so filled with hatred and judge­ments that there’s lit­tle won­der the pews are more and more empty. It’s a sit­u­a­tion that is shame­ful and unnecessary.

Oh for the good old days.


Autographed books at Mystic Ways

Posted: Sunday, February 26th, 2012


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Mystic WaysSome of my books are up for sale at my husband’s e-store, Mys­tic Ways. Each book is auto­graphed at no extra charge.

So far, he’s put my LGBT fic­tion online. The spir­i­tual books will be online at some point in the future.

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Roman Catholic wants state to enforce canons

Posted: Friday, February 24th, 2012

Cardinal Edwin O'Brien of Maryland (USA)The pope’s head guy in the US state of Mary­land has trou­ble enforc­ing the big guy’s rules. Car­di­nal Edwin O’Brien knows that Rome frowns on dudes mar­ry­ing dudes. When two guys are in love, the car­di­nal wants them to live in sin. No marriage.

The trou­ble is that there are more peo­ple than Romists in Mary­land. Worse for Rome is that some of these cit­i­zens are mem­bers of churches that teach love. The Roman Catholics will have none of it. Instead of throw­ing rice, they are try­ing to throw bar­ri­cades and roadblocks.

It’s one thing for the Roman Catholics to refuse to wel­come all their adher­ents to the sacra­ments. It’s quite another when they demand that the state gov­ern­ment enforce Roman Catholic laws in other churches.

If the Romans want to be hat­ful and exclu­sion­ary and big­oted, that’s great. They can teach all their peo­ple with sternly puck­ered white lips until the cows come home.

This car­di­nal — the head guy for the Vat­i­can in Mary­land — wants “marry land” open only to Roman-approved couples.

Great legacy you’ve got work­ing there, Edwin.

Now run along, and deal with your own flock. Because if you insist on get­ting into my church’s rules, it’s time to rec­og­nize your stance as that of a bully. And, sir… in the USA, bul­lies are taxed at a higher rate than actual church leaders.



The NFL benchmark for the Texas Senate [GOP rules]

Posted: Thursday, February 23rd, 2012


Craig James fought against a yawn­ing crowd as a player for the NE Patri­ots, and he got the idea that this feat some­how gives him the creds to be a Texas state sen­a­tor. He’s just the same old homo­pho­bic ass he always was.

The Dal­las Voice quotes him from a bigot-fest Eagle Forum say­ing that being gay is a choice. (Dude, that argu­ment has two sides.) Here’s the quote:

I can assure you I will never ride in a gay parade.”

So I have two points about that:

  1. Thank you for keep­ing the creepi­ness level of gay parades to a min­i­mum; and
  2. Like any­body was actu­ally going to invite you?